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Brindle Boxer King

Documenting my journey with my new brindle boxer, whom I named T’Challa.
A king’s name for a king dog!

46 Days Old…

In this picture, I’m just under 7 weeks old. I was born on February 3, 2020. Mom saw me and fell in love! She immediately put a deposit down to hold me. Mom’s coming to get me in about 10 days!!

Posing for the Camera

My breeder came to take some pictures of me for Mom. I decided to strike a pose. I know I look a little chubby in this picture, but hey — I’m supposed to be a chunky puppy!

Too Cute!

Hey there! I had to lay on the charm. Sitting between my sisters and brothers, it’s important that I show off my absolute cuteness so that I’ll be noticed. We’re all cute, but I had to do something to draw attention to myself.

Silence is golden…unless you have boxers. Then silence is just suspicious.


Someone forgot to tell Mom this part. But I’ll make sure she catches on quickly!

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